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Messy Road: Can't stop swiping

퍼블리셔: LemonGames
가격: 무료 인 앱 구매 추가

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앱 설명

Messy Road - The super adventurous run with various characters now comes to store! Swipe the dimming messy blocks into its path to keep the character on track, and collect as many gems as possible to unlock new characters in Shop.

What's more in this update:
- More adorable characters appear in shop for you to run with
- Beautiful graphic effects
- Many road types change during the endless adventure
- Gifts come often as you get some fancy score
- And when you get to a high level of fast and adventurous running, why not challenge your friends as well? Share the score to Facebook!

Who thought running could be such challenging! Try it yourself now and get to the top score and keep your adorable character stay on the line. Don't let them fall!

♦ Visit out page for more games and upcoming game information:
+ New premium characters appear in shop (at yellow slot) which will cost 1000 gems per unlock
+ New beautiful effects for surrounding air
+ New IAP package that serves 1000 gems
+ Game balance is now re-adjusted
+ Minor bugs fixed

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