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Traffic Sniper Attack

퍼블리셔: Game Canvas
평점: 평점이 없음
가격: 무료

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앱 설명

Do you have the sniper skills to destroy the traffic cars on highway? Sniper Traffic Hunter gives you the opportunity to kill the cars on highway using your sniper weapon. You can even buy a semi-auto sniper to increase your fire rate.
Hold your breath and fire your weapon to destroy as much traffic cars as you can. Enjoy the #1 most modern first person sniper shooter game in the universe
AIM, SHOOT AND KILL – Traffic Sniper Attack 3D is all about precise shooting, an urban centered thrilling shooting game. Enjoy shooting vans, cars and other vehicles in huge highway traffic! Target your sniper gun on militant cars moving down the roads, but don't forget to avoid hitting civilian cars. Destroy as much traffic cars as possible! Get bonuses, upgrade your sniper gun and unlock new traffic vehicles!
War on Terror is not over yet. Eliminate terrorism in every aspect. The users have been given a chance to accept the challenge and target only the cars they have asked to destroy. Players will be challenged to use their sniper shooting skills to hit different colors, models and vehicle types to get more challenging tasks.
Challenge yourself as a traffic hunter sniper. Your journey is going to be excited in Sniper: Road Traffic Hunter. Hold on your belts and be a real sniper traffic hunter.
Top Game Features:

❖ Wide range of sniper rifles
❖ Engaging graphics
❖ City highway environment
❖ Multiple targets
❖ Challenging missions
❖ Variety of traffic cars to destroy
❖ Powerful guns
❖ New target each level
❖ Original soundtrack

Mr. Sniper you are required to assassinate the culprits by shooting at their cars with your sniper rifles in required time. Hunt them down to hell

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