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AP US Government Exam Prep

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앱 설명

Learn more about the political side of life with AP US Government Exam Prep. Study smart with the customization available in this app to fully prepare for the exam with 385 detailed multiple-choice questions. Learn information from why political parties developed in the 1790s to who Francis Perkins was. Relax and learn or simulate some stress Take your time with this exam, up to 770 minutes for 385 questions, or limit the amount of time you have and simulate the pressure of the real thing. Pause, resume, or grade your test at any time. Review your test performance to track your improvement and learn from any mistakes by simply reviewing the previous test. Tapping on the question associated with the incorrect answer reveals the true answer. - 385 detailed questions focused on preparation for the AP US Government Exam - Pressure yourself and limit the test time or relax while you learn sitting on a bus or waiting in line - Pause, resume, or grade your test at any time - Study Mode allows filtering for the questions that you have learned and already understand - Review your test performance to learn the correct answers to all questions and see your overall score

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