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퍼블리셔: Three Monkeys
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앱 설명

Welcome to Gizmo!

Gizmo provides best-in-class tools and utilities for your day to day activities all in a single, easy to use app. Each and every Gizmo operates flawlessly while snapped, syncs settings across all of your PCs, and is meant for you to hop in, get something done, and hop out.


With support for scientific, programmer, and statistics modes, the Calculator Gizmo is the most powerful available on Windows 8! You can even get answers directly in the Windows Search pane or by using the "calc:" protocol to create web links to math forumals (ex: "calc:4*log(2)").


Quickly jot down important ideas and work with text files with the Notepad Gizmo! As you open and edit various text files, the Notepad Gizmo keeps track of your recent files and lets you hop around between them seamlessly.

-Period Calendar

Whether you're planning a family or your next vacation, the P.Calendar Gizmo is the easiest way to see when you'll be on your period and when you'll be most fertile! Simply add in the date of your last period and you'll never have to guess again.

-Unit Converter

The Unit Converter Gizmo is the most powerful conversion tool available for any platform. For each of the supported conversions, you can search for and select among hundreds of units, filter the results only to specific sets (e.g. "Common" or "Metric" units) and even create your own filters! Units are color-coded by set for easy reference.

Many more conversions are on their way!

We know that you'll fall in love with these simple to use, efficient, and powerful Gizmos. Don't pay more for separate apps with with less functionality!

Get Gizmo and get going!

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