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Ladbrokes Betting

퍼블리셔: Ladbrokes Sportsbook LP
가격: 무료

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앱 설명

Welcome to the high-speed Ladbrokes Betting app, designed to give you the very best betting experience from a trusted world–leader in the global betting and gaming industry.

Download now and start enjoying features such as:

- Bet anytime, anywhere, on all your favourite sports
- Automatic log in
- Easy to use Betslip
- ‘Quickbet’ helps you place quick singles in seconds
- In-Play scoreboards
- Wide range of football coupons
- Secure deposit and withdrawal with PayPal support
- Personalised homepage

Don’t have a Ladbrokes account? No problem, you can register for an account in no time through the app and take advantage of our great new account offer.

We’re already busy working on more great features so look out for regular updates very soon. We do want your feedback, so if you’ve anything to say about this or any of our other apps, you can send it to us at

Need to speak to someone? Call us on 01728 464567 (outside the UK? Use +44 208 515 2565). Alternatively you can email

Ladbrokes is licensed and registered in Gibraltar. The app requires you be over 18 and a UK or Ireland resident to participate in any betting activity.

Full details can be found on

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