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앱 설명

lekiosk is the world’s first 3D newsstand, simple, elegant and easy to use!

With lekiosk, you have more than 800 magazines and dozens of comic titles at your fingertips thanks to our bundle of 10 magazines for €9.99!

Great new update: with the new version, in addition to hundreds of french titles, that's more than 120 English magazines and 100 Italian magazines which are waiting to be read in our regional stores and come with special custom offers.

Free excerpts allow you to sneak a peek at our magazines. Then buy the magazine with a tap. It’s so easy! And whatever platform you make your purchase on, you can read your magazines across them all: Windows 8, Surface, the web and others. Enjoy the pleasures of reading wherever you are.

Main features:
— 3D newsstand and interactive magazine mosaic: access more than 800 magazine with the touch of a finger;
— bargain prices: enjoy reductions of up to 70% on the print issue price;
— start reading immediately: no need to wait for downloads to finish;
— virtual library: access all your magazines from anywhere using Windows 8, Surface, the web and others;
— unlimited magazine storage: all your purchases are available 24/7;
— archives: find magazine back issues;
— 10 magazines per month bundle: each month, read 10 magazines of your choice for £9.99. The bundle renews monthly but there’s no contract to sign, cancel at any time.

With lekiosk, never miss another story!

Read Health & Fitness, Glamour, Vogue, Traveller, Elle Decoration, NME, Uncut, Living Etc, Home & Gardens, Country Living, Auto Express, Runner’s World, GQ, Web User, The Week, The Spectator, F1 Racing, Men’s Fitness, Tatler, You and your Wedding, Brides, Easycook, Good Housekeeping, BBC Wildlige Magazine, BBC Lonely Planet Magazine and many others. (Note: the list of available magazines is subject to change without notice. Check availability directly from the app.)

Getting your favourite magazine has never been so easy! Thanks to our innovative 3D newsstand, hundreds of titles are at your fingertips! Spin the newsstand to navigate through magazine categories and click on a title to display more information.

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