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Math Grade 4

퍼블리셔: eduPad
가격: 4.99 USD

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앱 설명

iTooch Math Grade 4 is the largest collection of educational activities of the Windows Store for fourth graders. The app's curriculum is based on the US national standards (CCSS).

iTooch apps are learning games that are created by passionate teachers, educational professionals, and game designers, many of whom are also parents. The collaboration of these specialists have resulted in an innovative learning game, based on simple interface and game dynamics, that genuinely motivate children to learn.

WARNING: Don’t be alarmed if your children ask, “Can I work on my iTooch lessons again?”

The application includes:
- 5 themes: Numbers & Operations, Fractions & Decimals, Measurement & Data, Graphs & Statistics and Geometry
- 58 chapters with lessons, examples, and diagrams
- 1,762 activities
- 556 original pictures

Children can select the chapter of their choice. The two different ways of answering questions includes practice exercises and graded tests. The clear, concise lessons are accessible at any point by touching / clicking on the iTooch character.

Parents and teachers can monitor the children’s progress by taking a quick glance at the home screen.

iTooch is a learning game!
- Badges and belts are awarded upon reaching certain levels which helps enhance the gaming experience by providing extra gratification to children;
- iTooch character animations add a lighthearted feel to the app.

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