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앱 설명

MyReader is an outsized newsreader (Feedly, The Old Reader, Band, Continuum). Goal is simple: To connect you via the easier way to your favorite feeds aggregation services.

Do you have one or more accounts, MyReader is for you! You can manage your account as you wish ... there are no limits or restrictions to the number of accounts.

Read, mark, sort, search and share your favorite RSS or items has never been easier! And this is also possible offline. Everything you do offline will then be applied to your account as soon as you find an internet connection.

MyReader is the better companion for your browser. You can use Internet Explorer share feature to select MyReader. It will search RSS feeds in this site and allow you to subscribe o.

Try it and then you will never been able to live without ...

NOTE : Current version use Feedly, The Old Reader and local accounts (you can use it to convert a Google Reader account to a local account, this application will import all your Google items). Send your request at to influence the next type of account that will be added to this application.

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