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Reliance Digital

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앱 설명

This app from Reliance Digital showcases the entire catalogue of products across Reliance Digital stores. It also highlights the Top Deals & New Arrivals for the week. Top Deals include products with deep discount offering up to 50% OFF on MRP, Freebie offers such as buy 1 get 1 FREE and Combo deals . You could browse or search through our catalogue, compare product features, and Make an Enquiry. Our in-store sales advisors shall get in touch with you to provide the best of products and services. Use the intuitive Store Locator to locate any of our 100+ stores across India. You could even contact us - register a complaint, share feedback, or even rate us based on your shopping experience.

About Reliance Digital:

Reliance Digital is the consumer durables and information technology concept from Reliance Retail. Reliance Digital seeks to fulfill the dream of every Indian, be it through its nationwide network of conveniently located stores or through its presence on the web, by providing a delightful shopping experience of products & solutions and helping them bring home the latest & best in technology from the widest selection at the lowest assured price with complete peace of mind through lifelong support. With over 200 international and national brands and over 5000 products at amazing prices, Reliance Digital has the largest display of models to help you find the right solution that fits your lifestyle. The range at Reliance Digital spans Audio and Video products (3D, LED, LCD & Plasma TVs, DVD players, Home Theatres), Digital Cameras, Durables like Air Conditioners, Refrigerators, Washing Machines, Microwave ovens, Water Purifiers, Kitchen and Home Appliances, Gaming Consoles and Games, Computers, Tablets and Peripherals, Mobile and Fixed line instruments as well as a wide range of accessories covering all major product categories. The entire range of Apple products is also available.
At Reliance Digital, you get to touch, try and feel every product before you make your decision. The specially designed Experience Zones (for high-end entertainment systems like home theatres, televisions, smartphones, laptops & IT products) simulate exact conditions to familiarize you with your product. The trained staff will be only too happy to understand and advise on the optimum choice of products meeting customers’ needs. What’s more, Reliance Digital is backed by Reliance resQ, the service arm that is available for support all 7 days and fully geared to provide end to end solutions. For more information, log on to

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