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Rename It! Pro

퍼블리셔: Davstar Apps
가격: 1.49 USD

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앱 설명

Do you spend hours organizing your files? Rename It! Pro will simplify this task and save you a lot of time! Most cameras and media ripping software will leave your files with generic names that don't make any sense. Rename It! Pro allows you to batch rename any number of files and append it with text of your choosing. You can also index your files starting from any number you choose. Regular Expressions are now supported for trimming or manipulating your file names in any way you choose!

If you already have the new names of your files in a text file, Rename It! Pro can add them to your file names! This can be especially useful when cataloging your TV shows and movies. Previews are shown if your files are images in order to assist with identifying your photo groups.

PLEASE CONTACT US FIRST if you have any issues with this software. If you just leave a review we can not contact you to resolve the problem.

Don't see a feature you need? Let us know and we will try and add it for you! Please visit the developer blog at the link below to give your feedback and read more about new features that have been added and ones that are upcoming!

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