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Yoga - Asana Dictionary (Intermediate)

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앱 설명

In this series of yoga demonstrations, we will learn how to safely and effectively move in and out of each asana (posture), using the pranayama (breath) as our guide. With the teacher/student setting, we can explore the intricacies of correct alignment, and at the same time, observe the options for modifications available in each pose. In our Yoga practice, it is also important to understand how the asana's effect our bodies, as well as when we should and should not approach each posture. A list of benefits, and contraindications accompany each demonstration.

The 26 asana's covered in this application are considered to be intermediate to advanced poses. The postures found here apply to many of the different styles of yoga; Ashtanga, Kundalini, Power, Iyengar, Yin, Moksha, etc, and can be used as a reference for questions pertaining to each style.

Most importantly we wish to emphasize the significance of listening to our breath and our bodies throughout our practice. True understanding of the self can only be found by following and learning to listen to the knowledge and wisdom of our physical being.

Table of Contents:
01 Dirgha Breath
02 Kapalbhati
03 Seated Wide Legged Forward Fold
04 Dancing Cat
05 Ballet
06 Thread The Needle
07 King Cobra
08 Upward Dog
09 HalfMoon
10 High Lunge
11 Exhalted Warrior
12 Standing Wide Legged Forward Fold
13 Balanced HalfMoon
14 Revolved Triangle
15 Plank
16 Side Plank
17 Low Lunge
18 Crow
19 Frog
20 Boat
21 Camel
22 Wheel
23 Shoulder Stand
24 Fish
25 Plough
26 Shavasana

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