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We deliver mission critical data for your complete app strategy with the most comprehensive and accurate data set available on mobile apps.
* SMB Intelligence starts at $599 per/month, based on an annual contract for either download and revenue estimates or audience estimates. Both data sets can be purchased together at an additional cost. Additional eligibility restrictions also apply.
Free, automated dashboards that track your mobile app downloads, revenue and advertising data. Set up in minutes, all without an SDK. 825,000+ apps already use Analytics dashboards to track their data.
App Store Analytics
Powerful visualization to analyze your app store sales data.
Feature List
Supported Platforms

• Get your key metrics including downloads and revenue, for all your apps automatically updated on your dashboard daily

• Access your data anyway you want with web, CSV, API, mobile app and email reports

• Collaborate with your colleagues by sharing any app's data without sharing login credentials

• Breakdown data by store, app, country, in-app purchases and date range

Advertising Analytics
Unified dashboard for all your advertising and monetization data.
Feature List
Supported Platforms
and over 30 more!

• Save time with daily automatic data collection for all major ad platforms

• No engineering time required. Setup is simple. (No API or SDK integration!)

• Quick filters to view data by app campaign, ad platform, country, day, and store

• Drill into your key advertising metrics including ad spend, ad revenue, CPI, eCPM and fill rate

• Generate P&L reports for your apps by connecting your campaigns