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Toddler Kids Puzzles PUZZINGO - Learning Puzzle Games

Издатель: 77SPARX Studio, Inc.
Цена: Free

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Описание приложения

✪ Chicago Tribunes’ Best Kids apps!
Looking for a game that is fun AND educational for your kids and toddlers? If so, download Puzzingo Toddler Kids Puzzles for free today!
Kids and toddlers love Puzzingo puzzles and games! They are full of interactivity, animations, and fun for repeat learning and plays. Unlike jigsaw puzzles, every Puzzingo puzzle piece is named, so kids will build vocabulary while playing. We support learning in many languages, including English, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, and UK English!
In addition to learning words, these puzzles help kids develop spatial recognition, matching, tactile, and fine-motor skills. For children with autism and special needs, visual and audio cues throughout the app helps make the game accessible & fun for them. When a puzzle is completed, the child will be rewarded to a variety of fun mini-games.
✪ “This game gets two A+s!! One from me, and one from my 3yr old!!”
✪ “Best free app that you can download for your kid… Constant updates makes sure that there is something new every time your kid play it.”
✪ “I work with special needs preschool children and they always ask for “the Puzzy Game”
✪ “My boys love this game. One with Autism and he is able to easily navigate while working on speech skills by repeating words in the game!! Highly recommend! =)”
Puzzingo comes with 8 free puzzles containing over 100 vocabulary words and pieces. There is also a new Daily Free Preview puzzle everyday. If you would like more content, there are over 100 puzzles in over 13 puzzle packs available for purchase. All purchases are locked behind parent-gates to block accidental purchases by children. The puzzles include core concepts such as ABC alphabet, shapes, colors, numbers, and music. They also cover popular topics – animals, cars, trains, princesses, dinosaurs, planes, and more.
If you are running Kindle FreeTime and having trouble with Puzzingo, please email us at support@77sparx.com. We'll take care of you!
If you run into issues with the app on your device, instead of leaving a bad review, please email us at support@77sparx.com.

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