Kamasutra Animated HD

Издатель: SocialZoid, LLC
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Описание приложения

Kamasutra Animated is the ULTIMATE Kamasutra Application for Android.
Over 75+ beautifully animated Kama Sutra positions in High Definition.
Did you know?
IF you use (3) or more positions you're 70% more likely to experience an orgasm?
It's true! And, you don't know what you like until you try it.
Improve your sexual health with the bedroom guide that started it all.
Featuring the BEST Options out of any KamaSutra app!
75+ High Definition Kama Sutra Positions Animated - Makes it EASY to Learn, FAST!
Easy to Follow Instructions Accompany Every Animation.
Over a Dozen Categories to Choose From
Improve Your Sexual Knowledge By Taking a Postions Trivia Quiz Game.
Rate Your Performance By "Favoriting" Positions
Keep a "Sexual Journal" and track what you've tried and what you still need to explore!
Shuffle - Try a random new position every day. Make your bedroom fun again.
Become a zen sexual master with achievements awarding your for your progress.
Love-Making Music... Featuring over 30minutes of sexually stimulating music.
The History of KamaSutra - Learn about the origins of this orgasmic guide.
Be Adventurous and Improve Your Sexual Health. Your sex life will greatly increase with Kama Sutra Animated.
Your partner will THANK YOU for downloading Kamasutra Animated.

This app is meant for entertainment purposes only. Please consult a doctor before performing any sexual activity.

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