Wally The Whale

Издатель: Ocean apps
Цена: 1.00 USD

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Описание приложения

Wally the Whale brings the excitement of an under sea adventure to your phone or tablet world.
The adventure begins when Wally searches the deep sea for nourishment including tidbits of squid and fish. Wally is hunted by crafty poachers from boats and ships and has to avoid the harpoons, daggers and nets shot and thrown at him while surfacing to replenish his needed air supply that is indicated on his air bar.
Wally turns the tables on these menaces by smashing their vessel with his tremendous size and skill and they plummet to the sea floor where Wally can consume them for extra nourishment that recharges his energy bar.
Your skills will improve as you help Wally stay alive in the deep perilous sea world. Master the surfacing and diving feature utilizing the turbo boost key, your scores will increase and your friends will want to compete to see whose scores will be the highest in the save score feature.
The colorful sea scenes and excellent navigation controls makes the fun score a 10. The game is so fast that you can nip the boredom of waiting for your dentist or guidance counselor by playing a quick game.

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