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Squeebles Addition and Subtraction

Издатель: KeyStageFun
Цена: 3.99 USD

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Описание приложения

The Squeebles are back - and they need you to use your addition and subtraction skills to help them!
> The Squeebles apps have been featured on BBC Radio in the UK as well as in The Daily Telegraph and The Guardian newspapers amongst others.
By answering addition and subtraction questions across a variety of game modes and difficulty settings, you can free the 24 Squeebles from the clutches of the nasty Math Monster as well as earn turns on a fun mini-game as a reward for doing well in your math tests.
> 5 game modes:
- Addition
- Subtraction
- Random (both addition and subtraction questions in the same test)
- Fill the gaps (you get given the answer and part of the question and have to complete the question - i.e. 3+?=9)
- Tricky questions (the questions you got wrong previously)
> 4 difficulty levels for each game mode mean this app is suitable for 4 year olds just starting out with adding as well as 10 or 11 year olds who need to practice more complex math work:
- Beginner (answers between 1 and 10)
- Medium (answers between 1 and 20)
- Hard (answers between 20 and 100)
- Very Hard (answers between 100 and 1000)
> Difficulty levels can be switched off or on, on a per-child basis, so older children can't just earn lots of rewards for answering beginner-level questions and beginners won't get demoralised by being shown complex sums.
> "Squeeble-cart" mini game gives children a reward for doing well in their math questions. For each question they get right, they win one turn on the game. The game involves trying to send a car with a Squeeble in it as far as possible down a race track.
> Rewards and power-ups to use in the squeeble-cart game can also be won by doing well in math tests.
> Stars are awarded for completing tests correctly and in quick time. These can be traded for different cars to use in the squeeble-cart game. There are 40 cars to collect, each with different stats.
> There are 24 Squeebles to rescue from the Math Monster, each with their own personality and fact sheet which tells you all about them. This app features 10 completely new characters not featured in any of our other games.
> Unlimited children can be registered with the game, meaning this app is suitable for classroom use as well as for home use.
> Stats area lets parents or teachers see how well each child is doing.
> No in-app purchases, adverts or web links of any kind. Your children are 100% safe using this app.
> US and UK English options so the Math Monster becomes the Maths Monster etc.
The Squeebles help make learning fun!!!

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