Hungry Dino (Kindle Tablet Edition)

Издатель: TangoSoft Mobile
Цена: 1.99 USD

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Описание приложения

A fun free game that will catch you, try to get all stars and feed Ino to move ahead level by level. Slice the string to cut it loose and get all stars, and don´t forget to feed Ino.
To do this you have to follow the rope movement carefully and then precisely cut it at the right time.
This is a creative and fun game for all ages and genders. This game will make you think and have fun at the same time. This game is free and there are 5 eggs for you to enjoy.
You can read below a brief description of what you will encounter in each egg and its levels.
1st Egg
What you'll find here:
- Our first hatchling is very hungry, so you'll have to deal with just a few elements... beef, ropes, bubbles, and sometimes a few spikes.
2nd Egg
What you'll find here:
- You got a couple of friends! Little fish will help you feed your hatchling by blowing the beef right into his mouth.
3rd Egg
What you'll find here:
- Your hatchling going hungry? Here, let our catchers help you! These little contraptions will capture the beef if it's within their range.
4th Egg
What you'll find here:
- Getting tougher as we go, but no problem! Use bouncers and girders to have the beef skirt pitfalls and traps before reaching its final destination -- your hungry hatchling's grateful maw!
5th Egg
What you'll find here:
- The last hatchling you have to keep happy is a grumpy one, it won't make it easy for you! Skillfully using both fans and sliding catchers will help you sate its voracious appetite.
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