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Print My Files

Издатель: Runisoft
Цена: 0.99 USD

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Описание приложения

*****Help Instructions are provided in description below.Also,Online help page with screenshots is available at : http://sofodroid.com/help *******
Print My Files can print to any WiFi or Cable connected Printer wirelessly .Not all printers have Wi-Fi support.Hence we have build a software that could print to a Cable connected Printer and Wi-Fi Printer both. It supports all varieties of Printer from all Manufacturers and can print using any model of Printer.
Below are the features of Print My Files:
a) Print files Wirelessly using Wi-Fi to PC ! No wires at all.
b) Set/change the default printer from Kindle !
c) Print any file from Kindle Fire.
d) Support for External SD Card.Select files from either Phone or from External SD Card for Printing.
e) Support for large size files.
f) Resume Support.
g) Preview of files is supported(on server).You can even open the selected files before upload from within the software itself to ensure that the file is correct.
h) The software plays a ringtone to inform user that the Printing has been initiated.
Help :
IMP : Firewalls can block the software on system.make sure that you either turn off the firewall temporarily or add PrintMyFiles.exe as an exception to your firewall.
Step 1:
Making Wi-Fi connection :
In order to connect via Wi-Fi,your PC and Kindle should be connected to same Router using Wi-Fi.Make sure that your Kindle's Wi-Fi is on and it is showing that it is connected to the Network.You can see the status by tapping on the Wi-Fi icon of your Kindle Fire.The best check will to make sure that you can browse internet on both your Kindle Fire and PC using the same router connection(same Wi-Fi network connection).
Step 2 :
Double click on the System Tray icon of "Print My Files".It is located at bottom right corner where the time is displayed.You will get the
main window.Select and set your default Printer there.It will be saved for later uses also.
Step 3 :
Open Print My Files on your Kindle Fire and click on "Select Files & Print".You will be shown the list of folders.The folders are shown from "root" directory structure.In order to go to the actual work directory,please check the "Storage" directory.Inside the "Storage" directory you will see the drives listed.(Also check "mnt" directory)
Step 4 : Once a file is selected it will automatically be sent to the printer.
Note : The app automatically scans the IP address and finds the relevant IP address of the computer.If due to some reasons,it is not able to find the IP address,it can be set manually also.
To set the IP address manually :
a) Right click on the system tray icon of Print My Files.After this select "IP address of the system" menu option.It will give you a list of all available IP addresses available.
b) on the Kindle Fire's application go to Settings -IP Address -Enter the IP address.
c) Try entering IP addresses one by one.One of the IP address will make the connection.Once a successful connection is made,this IP address is remembered and next time the connection will be made automatically.
Note :
a)Print My Files contains two programs.One program runs on the Android Device.The second program runs on windows.The windows program can be downloaded from http://sofodroid.com/downloads
Here is the direct link :http://www.runisoft.com/downloads/printmyfiles/setup.exe
** Sofodroid is Product of Runisoft.
Please open this link from your computer.You can copy the above link and directly paste in the address field of the browser.It will Start the download of server software.Download using Internet Explorer
b) In order to work,the Android phone and the Windows server both should be on the same Wi-Fi Network.
c) The pictures have huge size that go out of Printing Paper's dimensions . In such cases a prompt may appear to resize the image.
Runisoft Ltd.
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/pages/Runisoft-Ltd/271167123025823

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