Comic/Manga Movie Director PRO

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Описание приложения

After all the craze with cartoon-ifying (manga-fying) photos on your Android, at long last, here's the first app to do it with videos as well as photos! Become the director of your very own comic book movie. This app takes any video and plays it back to you with the look of a black and white comic. Other effects like color cartoon, film negative and sketch looks can also be applied. You can apply the effect to any video saved on your phone/tablet. You can even watch YouTube videos.
This is the no-ads paid version. Support for photos on Android versions older than 4.0 has been added. Android doesn't have support for modified videos on pre 4.0 versions.
Are you a huge fan of manga? Comics? Cartoons? Have you already tried out all the Manga Camera apps out there? Well we guarantee this app is different and a lot more fun!
Playback can be done in full screen or with augmented reality. Using AR you can actually replace scenes in your comic with your very own movie master piece!
Using AR is as simple as holding the camera up to a flat surface and taking a photo of it, and then presto! your video/photo comes to life popping right out of the target. Various countries' currencies are also been included with the app as pre-loaded targets. Check the in-app help for what money notes you can use.
Share your artwork with friends by taking snapshots and sharing them on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LINE, Mixi, WhatsApp...
Please do not low-star us because your app download fails or gets interrupted. That is beyond our control as all the servers and networks are controlled by Amazon and your telephone company/internet provider.
If you do genuinely not like our app or have any issues with it, please feel free to rank us accordingly but we would love to hear how we can improve. You can leave a comment or e-mail us at
If this app generates enough interest we will expedite the iPhone version and release a no-ads Pro version. A video recording feature so you can record exactly what you watch is also a feature we would like to develop so if you want it, please let us know!

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