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Learning colors - easy toddler game for kids education with animals, plants and weather events

Издатель: GoKids!
Цена: Free

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Описание приложения

"Learning color" - is a simple and exciting educational game for baby. It will help you to introduce your baby with amazing colors of our world, to make learning fun and very interesting. With the help of our app you baby will easily learn names of the colors, learn to connect them with various objects, fruits and animals.
How to play:
• Learning color. Image of a certain color appears on the screen with pronunciation of its name. After that alternately appear three explanatory images that match exactly this color. For example, there are images of lemon, sun and chicken displayed on the screen to explain the yellow color, elephant, mouse, cloud - to explain the gray color. Bright draw pictures will help entertain the child in the learning process and make the game even more interesting and informative.
• Learning foreign words. Three pictures of fruit, animals or objects alternately appear on the screen with their pronunciation in the selected language. To repeat any words, just tap the image again.
• Check knowledge. You can test the skills of the child to recognize different colors and repeat their names. Kid invited to match the frames on the wall and color. Kid will choose the right color of the canvas for the frame. If the colors is drawn in the correct order, the child will hear words of praise and appreciation.
Young children often confuse the names of different colors. The apps allow them not only learn to distinguish and name colors correctly. With its help, your child can develop the ability to connect these colours with different objects. For babies up to three years, it is very important to demonstrate the difference between one color to another. The best way to do that is to play with colorful pictures that help to remember new information easier and through the game. You can suggest your kid to name correct color of the pictures, which are shown on the screen and to paint his favourite animals with right color.
The game offers three pictures to explain each colour (animal, plants, weather events). However, you can suggest your own game by offering your child to name a few more items of the same color. These exercises will help to develop the ability to think logically and to train memory.
Second game of the application with paintings on the wall will help your child learn to allocate the right color from a range of options.
Free game "Learning color" will be interesting not only for toddlers but also for kids of preschool age (kindergarten), and even School aged because it will help them to meet new foreign words. The game has an opportunity for a multiple repetition of words, which greatly facilitates memorization and kids education.
We are trying to create simple, funny, but very attractive and addicting toddler games in which babies, toddlers, children of preschool-aged can play without help.
This application is good for tablets and phones.
Play with your kids and have lots of fun and laugh together :)
Thanks to everybody who helps us to improve our games.
We always welcome your feedback, comments and suggestions. Don't hesitate to contact us at entertainmentware@gmail.com

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