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Описание приложения

Get BabyTV’s award-winning content on this top-rated mobile app.
Key Features:
• Over 100 episodes with new content added regularly, at no extra cost
• Popular TV shows, songs, and rhymes are perfect for little ones.
• Available in 13 languages
BabyTV Mobile is packed with popular TV shows for babies toddlers and their parents. Shows are created by childhood experts and feature songs, stories, animals and characters your child will love
App includes appearances from over 30 of BabyTV’s most popular characters including:
Billy Bam Bam: Always finding creative and fun ways to play and put a smile on your child’s face!
Oliver: Takes viewers on an adventure to his favorite places as he makes great discoveries.
Stick With Mick: A curious little boy who collects stickers to learn about all the places he visits.
Big Bugs Band: A group of bugs explore a range of musical styles including jazz, samba and even rap!
Cuddlies: This foursome knows how to share, care and build lastly friendship.
Charlie & The Numbers: Join Charlie in a fun adventure as introduces the numbers from 1-10.
Draco: Draco plays with his toys to discover all about opposites.
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