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Издатель: Zattoo Europa AG
Цена: Free

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Описание приложения

Stream more than 100 TV channels in one app. Zattoo is the future of TV. Simple. Good value. Multiscreen.
In January 2019 Zattoo took over the B2C Business of Magine TV.
With Zattoo you can watch your favorite TV shows, the European Qualifiers, blockbusters and other TV highlights live, wherever you have internet. On the smart TV in your living room, on your smartphone during your commute or on your tablet.
Don't have a TV antenna or pricey TV contract at home? Try TV streaming with Zattoo. There's no risk because you can cancel your Zattoo PREMIUM subscription any month.
As a PREMIUM customer, you get smooth flowing Zattoo HD at 50 frames per second. With Zattoo PREMIUM you can also record selected tv shows and there are no ads when changing channels.
Zattoo FREE already offers you a great selection of TV channels up to 30 hours monthly for free, among them:
- All German public broadcasting channels: ARD, ZDF, 3sat, etc.
- Channels for sports and special interests like Sport1, Tele 5, WELT...
- Children and youth television with MTV, Nickelodeon, …
As a PREMIUM customer, you will have access to even more HD channels and you're no longer tied to broadcasting times.
- Get more private channels. Pro7 HD, RTL, Sat1 HD, Vox, Eurosport, DMAX...
- Watch 56 channels in crisp HD, Including Das Erste HD, ZDF HD...
- Use Zattoo while traveling in the EU
- Record up to 30 TV shows and watch whenever you want.
- Faster channel switches without Zattoo advertising
- With the Restart feature on selected channels, you can watch shows which have already been aired, from the beginning.

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