Mail Reader for Gmail (voice)

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Описание приложения

Mail Reader for Gmail is cool inbox voice reader. It is a perfect assistant while working, driving or sporting. With use of Android's Text-To-Speech (TTS), it reads new unread emails from your Gmail inbox(es) automatically or any time you click a button. Reads sender, subject, email summary and email date. The app uses modern authentication protocol, so you don't have to type any passwords in the app.
After install, you will have access to all premium features:
* Floating control panel with Play / Pause / Next / Previous
* Scheduler to set hours when the reader will be silent
* Automatic mail checking
* Replacement words to enhance reading
* Blacklist filter to skip reading of certain emails
* Unlimited number of Gmail accounts
And more:
* Auto-start when headset is plugged-in (optional)
* Mail checker widget for home-screen - press and listen
* Voice tone and speed adjustment
* Auto-mute when phone is set to silent/vibrate mode
* Reading volume setting
* Simple reading content selection (sender, subject, summary, date)
Mail Reader for Gmail is convenient app for listening to your incoming emails while you work, drive, walk, or have your hands occupied. Besides sender, subject and email date, it can read summary of the email - usually first 10-15 words from the email body. The app contains floating control panel for comfortable listening and handy home screen widget - click it to listen to your new emails.
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