Baby Hazel Halloween Party

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Описание приложения

Kids can play Baby Hazel Halloween Party game on Amazon Device.
Baby Hazel and her friends are going to have great time in Halloween party. They are dressed in wonderful Halloween costumes and enjoy the party by indulging in Halloween activities and games like trick or treat, magical bowl and many more. They play tricks to scare each other. Halloween party seems to be interesting, isn't it? If yes, then go ahead and join Hazel and her friends to have lots of fun. Some fun activities are bit scary, so be with kids. Serve them tasty snacks and drinks. Fulfill all their needs to make the party memorable.
Level 1:
Baby Hazel is busy playing with her pets and toys. She receives a reminder call from her friend Bella for attending the Halloween party. Help the little girl in selecting suitable costumes and accessories for the party as she is already late.
Level 2:
Dressed in pink fairy dress, Hazel has reached the venue where her other three friends are waiting for her. So, now it is time to enjoy some fun-loving Halloween activities and other interesting games. Join the kids to indulge in 3 different Halloween activities
Level 3:
After playing interesting games, Hazel and her friends feast at yummy snacks and drinks. Oh! Someone scared them. Let us see who was that? Also dance to the tune of music by joining dance party with kids. Have a great time.

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