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Blockbusters - Official Gameshow

Издатель: Pretty Mobile
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Цена: Free

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Описание приложения

* Blockbusters Official TV Game is finally available - Download Now! *
+++ UK App Store #1 Paid App +++
We've listened to your feedback and read all your reviews - this new update includes more free questions, a new free topic pack, a whole new way of buzzing in and Easy, Medium and Hard options for play as well as loads of new improvements. We look forward to hearing what you think of Blockbusters 2.0!
“ I’ll have a ‘P’ please Bob ”
You grew up watching Bob Holness on ITV and BBC grilling contestants and playing the Gold Run and now it is your chance!
We have made every effort to replicate the look and feel of the original show….
This app includes Bob Holness, the original music and game sounds, original question content and the original title sequence.
This is no ordinary TV quiz show and this is no ordinary quiz app.
* 1 Player
* 2 Player
Players need to get across the board of hexagons (white to white or blue to blue). Each hexagon has a letter and the question and answers relate to the letter chosen.
It is best of 3 boards to progress to the Gold Run.
Sound easy? Lets see how you do.
__ __ __ __ __ _
/ \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \
/ \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \
/ \ / \/ \ / \ / \ / \
_\__/_\__/_\__/_\__/_\__/_\__/ _
/ \ / \ / \/ \ / \ / \/ \/ \
\__/ \__/ \__/ \__/ \__/ \__/ \_ /\_ /
This is high stakes. The winner of the rounds 1-3 steps up to take the 60 second challenge to get from one end of the hexagonal board to the other.
Instead of choosing a letter you choose multiple letters (e.g. TXF / answer The X Factor).
Good Luck!
The game includes General Knowledge / Popular Culture Question Pack (1000+ Q’s) PLUS a bonus Christmas Question Pack!
[] Multi Player & Single Player
[] GameCircle Leaderboards & Achievements
[] Local Leaderboard
[] 1000’s of Trivia Questions
[] Original Theme Tune, Intro Sequence, Bob Holness and In-Show Graphics
We want you to LOVE our games. Please tell us what you think at hello@prettymobile.com
Developed and published by Pretty Mobile.
Blockbusters is a trademark of FremantleMedia Limited.
Licensed by FremantleMedia UK.
Bob Holness image and likeness licensed from Robert Holness Ltd
Special thanks to Ros Holness
All question content used under license from The Question Co.
‘Blockbusters Main Title’, written & composed by Edward Welch. Published by EMI Music Publishing.
Synchronisation, Reproduction, Promotion, Edit and Arrangement rights licensed from EMI Publishing.

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