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Jetpack Panic

Издатель: Pug Fugly Apps
Оценка: Нет оценки
Цена: Free

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Описание приложения

Fed up of Flappy Bird clones but looking for something with the same infuriatingly addictive "just one more turn" gameplay? You've come to the right place!
Jetpack Panic - a game of skill that will test your patience to the very limit. Guide your little jetpack guy as far as you can, avoiding the obstacles and dealing with gravity that can switch direction at any minute! Will you take the safe routes or go for those difficult but high scoring bonus gates?
So forget that Flappy Bird clone, try Jetpack Panic instead!
How to play:
Simply hold your finger on the screen to thrust your jetpack - you'll always go against gravity. You simply have to guide your selected character as far into space as you can. You rack up points by getting through the gaps - but will you risk the bonus gates? They're worth more points but they're smaller - some of them even move! You can also bump off the aliens for bonus points but that often involves a little detour - can you make it? Have you got the jetpack skills to collect these bonuses? It's the quickest way to get a good place on the online leaderboard but also the riskiest!
And if that's not bad enough, you'll also have to put up with the gravity switching. You'll get good warning but you'll have to focus to take the switch in your stride.
Score enough and you will unlock more cool characters. Each one is a little more maneuverable than the last - so they're better equipped for little detours to get bonuses, but also that little bit more difficult to keep under control..
So Jetpack Panic is a game of skill and risk taking, and a fiendishly addictive one at that. It doesn't pull any punches, it won't give you any second chances - it doesn't *want* you to do well. And maybe you don't need to do all that well anyway - just a little better than your friends!

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