Snow Queen Make Up and Dress Up - Full Version

Издатель: Peachy Games LLC
Цена: 0.99 USD

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Описание приложения

Today the princess will be crowned as Snow Queen! We’re all very excited but she is a little nervous because she doesn’t know how to do her makeup. Could you come to her ice palace to help her? She also needs your advice in choosing a beautiful frost dress and accessories! Now is the time to start your magical journey!
Features of this game
* Fully unlocked version and no advertisements!
* 3 princesses to choose from: Bella, Emma and Lily
* Makeup salon
* Dress up room
* Apply gems to her face and hair
* Lots of pretty hairstyles
* Many different colors for lipstick, eye shadow, hair, eyes and much more
* Wide variety of frost dresses and accessories, including magic wands
How to play
* Choose your princess, then you’ll find her in the beauty salon.
* Help her with her hair and makeup. Apply gems to her face and hair for fun, but she doesn't want to go to the big event with them. It's just for some fun!
* If you want to change a makeup color, simply remove it with the cotton ball floating above the far left of the table. Each type of makeup has its own cotton ball.
* Pick out the best jewelry, shoes and dress to complete her look.
* Don’t forget to take a picture for her in front of her ice palace or in the frost forest.

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