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Jobi's Fire Station

Издатель: Yellephant
Цена: 0.99 USD

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Описание приложения

Jobi's Fire Station is a role-playing game in which you children will become Fire Fighters and do their best to protect Jobi’s Town. The game helps small children understand Fire Fighters’ everyday challenges and responsibilities. Children will learn by doing and imagine themselves taking part in dangerous but really important missions. But before they can go and save others, they will need to make sure their fire truck is ready and fully equipped.
Your children will learn about fire blankets, fire extinguishers and other life saving equipment that can be found in a typical fire truck. Also, they will have a chance to learn what tasks other than putting out fire our brave Fire Fighters do everyday. The Blackout Disaster mini game will definitely be your children’s favourite!
Jobi's Fire Station includes the following mini games:
Fix the Fire Truck - a drag & drop matching game
Prepare the Fire Truck for a Mission - a drag & drop matching game and a vocabulary builder
Put Out the Fire in a Boot Factory - excellent fine motor skills practice
Tree Top Cat Rescue - observational skills enhancer
Blackout Disaster - a truly multi-sensory and observational skills game
The game is packed with cute and funny sounds, there are things to explore and the level of multi-sensory stimulation is always just right to keep your children busy and excited, and not overstimulated. It can be used to support cross-curricular learning as an additional educational tool to initiating play-pretend activities.
Let your children explore Jobi’s Fire Station, and then invite them to dress up as Fire Fighters and go to the rescue!
Main features:
supports cross-curricular learning
raises awareness of Fire Fighters’ jobs, challenges and tools
supports literacy skills by offering relevant voiceover and appropriate labelling
helps develop fine motor skills
fosters Multi-Sensory Learning by offering the right balance between the audio and visual elements
uses Active Learning - your children will learn by doing
expands vocabulary
Additional Features:
Fully ad-free
no in-app purchases
ideal for kids aged 3 - 8
appealing and child-friendly artwork & sound effects

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