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Описание приложения

Are you ready to play the most popular card game?
Challenge our artificial intelligence, based on many different statistical calculus to really put yourself to the test!
And if you think you're the best "Buraco" player, challenge your Facebook and Twitter friends or a random opponent in multiplayer matches: show them who's the real champion!
NO NEED TO LOGIN/REGISTER to access to multiplayer, leaderboards and achievements!
Here are the main characteristics of Buraco:
• MULTIPLAYER (Wi-Fi or data connection) matches: 2 or 4 players!
• SINGLE PLAYER matches: 2 or 4 players! Challenge the artificial intelligence, based on statistical calculus to really put you to the test!
• LEADERBOARDS: you have a leaderboard dedicated either to Single Player and Multiplayer matches!
• 20+ ACHIEVEMENTS to unlock!
• STATS to track your progresses
• GRAPHICS developed to support portrait and landscape mode, so you can play comfortably on your smartphone and tablets
• GAME OPTIONS: You can choose to play 5 different modes!
...and if you still don't like the game... you can PERSONALIZE it through the settings!
If you have any doubt or need any information, please don't hesitate to contact us at info@whatwapp.com
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