Snow Ambience Tv

Издатель: Serenity
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Описание приложения

“I want to be at these beautiful places for real <3”
Short Description
When the snow falls the skies are decorated with the mystique snow’s hum and crystal flakes glides down from clouds. Snow Ambience TV features different scenes of snowfall that can be an ambience changer for you. The first view displays the naked trees that are now covered with white snow and still the light cotton flakes sets themselves on trees to create a snow blanket. The second view is of a hut covered in snow and the snowfalls on it creating a pretty view of the landscape. Next one is something that is ought to be enjoyed at nights the snowfalls on the empty streets, the lights and the lonely benches are gradually getting covered in snow. The final view features the scenery that will mesmerizes any eye and the view of snow just adds the perfect ingredient to the recipe of calmness. This app can be used to create the perfect environment to relax and even sleep.
*Additional features*
To make the app more suitable for sleeping and relaxing it has sleep timer to shut down the app if you want to sleep while enjoying the beautiful snowfall. Also it has option to load most liked music from the gallery to play along (in kindle Fire only) or just choose from meditating music that is pre-loaded. You can also adjust the brightness and apply effects according to your preference.

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