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Описание приложения

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-Tutto Android:
New applications throughout Italian newly released for ANDROID devices, this app allows you to monitor in a simple but powerful all your shipments you make or receive any type of carrier in the list.
And 'especially useful for people who shop online, but also for the shops, bars, shopping malls etc ... they receive each day from any courier / post some parcels. The application uses some (for compatibility) guidelines Material Design, consequently View or better graphics remains clean and well defined.
Operation is simple and intuitive needs no guide or video tutorial, in case you can not configure it to best contact me.
But what has this app different from the existing ones of the various services of couriers?
Well, first of all the ability to track multiple shipments of different couriers.
Another feature is the ability to see through MAP where the pack, but let us not forget the opportunity to be notified via E-MAIL or notification on the change of status of a shipment (this option is disabled), or the backup / restore database which stores your shipments.
In the event that you should change the device can bring your shipments comfortably with backup and restore (always switched off). The recognition by camera or QR-Code Barcode and all others with the opportunity to receive the tracking number via camera. All states of the expedition, the CREATION of it to DELIVERY. All information respect your privacy and are not sent or stored on the server or by the developer.
In case it does not work (temporarily) some tracking service of some courier / post office, this does not depend on me, but on the courier / postal official. Should you have any problems / questions / advice etc ... contact me well through special FORM tab of the store, or through various social networks (included in the app).
Thanks and have fun LilloNet Inc.

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