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Издатель: Hanauta inc.
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Описание приложения

App to help when called Na smartphone has become heavily
By opening an unnecessary memory, crispy!
And there is enough free memory to comfortable smartphone!
"Somehow recently, smartphones have been unrefined is, movement is slow .."
You can use this app, you can clean the memory (garbage) that accumulates, you can fresh state!
Please try once
How to use
Start the app and press the "crunchy" button! Only it!
Memory release, deletion, optimization
Process removal
Fragments of memory (fragmentation) resolved
· Crispy of the calculation method = current free memory / (physical memory / adjustment value)%
-Old apps and data are accumulated in memory, and refresh the operation of slower!
-Smartphone is optimized with crispy!
· Simple and easy-to-understand design!
And information is assured that movement is not set, such as loss!
Aki memory is gradually more and more!
- Killing two birds with one stone when you clean the garbage partly power savings!
Memory to optimize automatically · comfortably and unrefined the smartphone!
Memory and release the
Net, music, image, game, video browsing, editing, etc., while you repeat the start and pause and end of Sumahoapuri, will remain unnecessary process, the operation of the smartphone (experience rate) becomes gradually slow There is a thing.
• When you launch the app, and then expand the necessary programs, such as DLL in memory of android.
By referring to it again and again, are you with a mechanism that maintains a comfortable operation of the application.
This is the "secure memory". It is of a mechanism, such as use comfortable, but to ensure the area for the program moves to the smartphone.
Then, reduce the memory area that can be used in a smartphone, insufficient memory will become slow operation of smartphone occurred.
Chant laden is hard happening said problems this is a new the model number in but a memory, you can not use long, in the case of spec low smartphone, it will become slow due to lack of memory.
App of efficacy
File you can adjust the cache size, now it is possible or open the memory that stores the data not related to the operation of a smartphone, you can increase the execution speed of the application to crisp.
Measurements of the original crisp degree-is, CPU, memory, file cache, usage of the page file, process status, have been calculated in comprehensive diagnostic and system utilization.
• To eliminate the fragments on memory (fragmentation) of smartphone, you will be able to secure the free space.
• Depending on the application, because some apps continue unnecessary memory secured even after it was completed, it is possible to clean such unnecessary memory area.
- Since lightweight type that, do not be like that is much displayed in the notification list by resident to smartphone.

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