Warm Fireplace HD - Wallpaper & Themes

Издатель: Rapid Ideas
Цена: 1.99 USD

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Описание приложения

Imagine yourself sitting in your lounge or in room and your surroundings are surrounded by the snappy gusts of winter. That moment would be intense irritating for you, but if a fireplace gives you a sensation of warmness in that intense frigidity then that moment would be of great joyousness for you. This app will give the warmness and peace to your mind with the dry crispy logs burning in the fireplace, surrounded by the darkness of the weather. The blatant flame, radiating from the burning logs and the toasty noise coming out from the bursting of the crispy layer over the wooden logs will be really enjoying and astonishing.
Along with the philosophical texture of this app, it is also endowed with additional features, which will act as ornaments to embellish the app to its vertex. The romantic default music will take your thoughts in the waters of amusement. The custom music option will let you to choose the background music of your choice. The frames and screen effects will mesmerize the sight of the user. The intense calmness will transpose your thoughts in the heavens above the sky and give you a restful sleep. Sleep timer will allow you to turn the app automatically off at the required time.

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