Slayer Worm - Destructive Assault

Издатель: Game Fellow
Цена: 29.99 USD

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Описание приложения

Deterrent, imperceptible, fast… Something is hiding underground… The city is in fear and everybody is waiting for the catastrophe. Who is haunting?
Welcome to the Slayer Worm - Destructive Assault game. Time to have fun!
How to Play?
Jump out of the underground and EAT your rivals!
Mind your health! Stay alive as long as you can!
Clear the level in time and get scores!
Hunt lizards and snails underground to fulfill your health!
Worth playing it because:
- It’s a brand new animal simulator!
- You will play on several locations in absolutely dissimilar conditions!
- You will get different amount of scores for different rivals!
- You will have a lot of rivals’ types from ordinary citizens to military troops!
- You definitely have to watch explosions’ animation!
- There are several bonuses which help to manage the level!
- You never know what’s your destiny! Make your own disaster story!
- There is an easy intuitive controlling, no boring tutorials! Start playing right away!
Slayer Worm - Destructive Assault is the game which attracts you at once. It’s yours for the beginning!

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