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Описание приложения

kividoo is safe, commercial-free children's television on the Internet. Thanks to kividoo disputes over the remote belong to the past, since parents and children can decide themselves when and where they watch their favorite shows and movies. With more than 3,000 episodes of current formats for young and older children such as "DreamWorks Dragons", "Bob the Builder", "Wendy," "The Jungle Book", "Benjamin Blümchen", "Calimero" or "Ninjago" and many timeless classics kividoo offers one of the largest video portals for children; in addition to that kividoo offers many child-oriented documentaries, animal films and knowledge magazines, including highlights such as "Planet Earth" from the BBC.
Thanks to the availability on all popular devices, the parallel use by several children and the offline mode kividoo is always and everywhere. Perfect for situations without an Internet connection: download videos easily in advance to the device of your choice. Downloaded content can be viewed without an internet connection for 30 days. This promises a lot of fun on long car trips, train travel or flights. kividoo puts an end to questions like "How much longer?" or "When are we there yet?".
kividoo is easy, consistently designed child-friendly - and completely ad-free!
If you have problems with the app, please send an email to: For more information about kividoo, visit
To use kividoo a subscription is required. This costs EUR 7.99 per month and can be canceled anytime end of the month.

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