Four In A Row

Издатель: Clockwatchers Inc
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Цена: Free

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Описание приложения

Before gameboy there was CONNECT 4. Fans of this classic love FOUR IN A ROW!
FOUR IN A ROW looks simple enough. But don't let the sunny graphics and background of green pastures, flowers, and rainbows fool you! If you don't pay attention and strategize, you are doomed. Yes, DOOMED! In this exciting connect the dots game, only the STRONG WIN.
Challenge your brain in this deceptively simple game for Android. FOUR IN A ROW is reminiscent of the once popular - now retro - 1970s game Connect Four. Play against friends, artificial intelligence, or conquer the world one player at a time in this new FREE DOTS GAME for ANDROID!
Are you smart enough to color match four coins in-a-row and win?
* Polished, bright graphics.
* Enjoy the pleasant background of green hills, flowers, and rainbows.
* Game resizes automatically for landscape and portrait modes.
* Choose from multiple game modes:
- Player vs Friend on same device (no internet required).
- Player vs Computer (no internet required).
* See how your score compares with others on the universal leaderboard.
* Unlock achievements!
* Compatible with Android phones and tablets.
- On the screen is an empty grid.
- Each player is assigned a color, either RED or GOLD.
- Players take turns, placing their COLORED COIN into an EMPTY SPACE in the grid.
- The first player to place FOUR of their colored coins in a row - either vertically, horizontally, or diagonally - wins the game!
1. In your first turn and early on in the game, place your coins in the empty spaces in the center of the board. From this position, you can open up more options for a potential win via vertical, horizontal, or diagonal four-in-a-rows!
2. Color match coins until four-in-a-row wins you the game. Did you know three in a row is almost just as deadly? Head off your opponent and block them before they connect the lines, making three coins in a row. If you can keep the damage down to maximum two in a row, then you are doing well.

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