Second Warfare 3

Издатель: Kobra Studio
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Описание приложения

You are a soldier of elite special forces units.
The only aim in "Second Warfare 3" – to destroy the terrorists and stay alive.
Single player campaign
The game has leaderboards and achievements. Your result will see other players around the world.
Combat missions can be performed on different types of vehicles - using a car or helicopter.
Large selection of weapons (pistol, submachine gun, grenade launcher, knife, grenade).
Carry out missions to hone your skills and become the best fighter of special troops among the other players.
You need to perform several missions:
1. Gang engaged in illegal arms shipments in the port. Your task - to destroy the group.
2. The terrorists took hostages in the hotel. You will have to fight in enclosed spaces, so don't let the terrorists to kill the hostages.
3. In an abandoned city, the terrorists organized a warehouse with chemical weapons. Destroy the warehouse.
4. East. Terrorists want to blow up the pipeline. Your task - to destroy the terrorists.
Create your server in multiplayer or connect to an already established servers other players.
Select the map in multiplayer where play.
Game updates are released regularly.
Feel free to post your ideas, we will try to implement them as soon as possible
Thank you very much for your support and interest in our games! We would love to hear your suggestions!

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