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Описание приложения

Watch Japan’s largest video service [Niconico] on your TV screen!
With Niconico, you can watch videos from various genres such as anime, games and cuisines.Choose one of your favorite videos or shows and then let the consecutive auto-play kick in while you relax with your favorite cup of tea or with your family, friends or even with that special someone.
■ Main features
● Video Playback
● Consecutive Auto-Play
(A feature that generates and plays playlists automatically)
● Free word video search
● Video Rankings
● Comment Posting
● Comment Filtering
(A feature that auto-hides comments that may be offensive)
● Display option for turning comments on or off
● Display for related videos
● Display for recommended videos
(A feature that displays videos based on your viewing preferences)
● Display for Mylist
● Watched History
● Quicklist for adding videos
■ What is Niconico?
Niconico is Japan’s largest video service. Niconico is composed of [Niconico Douga], [Nico live] and other services that together allow you to interact with other users through comments in real time?-creating a sense of immersion.
★ Niconico Douga
Niconico Douga lets you add comments to played videos. Niconico Douga features a wide range of video categories from Tried Singing (videos that allow you to record your own singing voice) to Tried Dancing (video-recorded dance videos) to Tried Making (video-recorded cooking and craft videos) and other kinds of creative videos featuring games, anime, animals and more.
■ Important Points
● This app can be used with a Niconico account.

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