Successful Stock Speculation

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Описание приложения

This book is written for the purpose of giving you some ideas of the fundamental principles that guide us when we select stocks for them to buy, but these principles are valuable to every person who trades in listed stocks or in any other kind of speculative stocks.
It is a well known fact that there are tremendous losses in stock speculation, but we claim that almost all of these losses would be avoided if all speculators were guided by the principles expounded in this book.
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Chapters in This Book:
Chapter Page
I. The Purpose of This Book
II. What Is Speculation
III. Some Terms Explained
IV. A Correct Basis for Speculating
V. What Stocks to Buy
VI. What Stocks Not to Buy
VII. When to Buy Stocks
VIII. When Not to Buy Stocks
IX. When to Sell Stocks
X. Movements in Stock Prices
XI. Major Movements in Prices
XII. The Money Market and Stock Prices
XIII. Minor Movements in Prices
XIV. Technical Conditions
XV. Manipulations
XVI. Marginal Trading
XVII. Short Selling
XVIII. Bucket Shops
XIX. Choosing a Broker
XX. Puts and Calls
XXI. Stop Loss Orders
XXII. The Desire to Speculate
XXIII. Two Kinds of Traders
XXIV. Possibilities of Profit
XXV. Market Information
XXVI. Successful Speculation

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