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Описание приложения

We proudly present the official app for the “The Show with the Elephant”.
Explore the world of the Elephant interactively!
With the app younger and of course older fans can explore the colourful world of the blue Elephant. The app was purpose-designed for pre-school-children and it is free of ads. The coloured world of boxes guarantees an easy orientation of younger children.
Children can choose between three entire “Shows of the Elephant”. 3 x 25 minutes Elephant to enjoy! This offer will be updated weekly.
The best educational film shorts from the “The Show with the Elephant” will be presented in the movie section. Spots with the Elephant and the Rabbit can be watched in the ElephantCinema. Tanja and André demonstrate simple games and experiments to follow along. In addition, there are thrilling educational films, children portraits, animal films, songs and riddles. Of course, the app contains films with Anke Engelke, who has her own apartment in the Elephantworld and makes a lot of nonsense.
With the “Flowergame” children can grow flowers with the aid of bubbles. For this purpose, they have to be burst by tapping on them at the right place to let the flowers rise. But watch out! Sometimes a bug floats down as well and eats the flowers.
In the game “Collecting Stars” the kids are flying with the Elephant above clouds to catch stars. Meanwhile, they have to move aside different oncoming obstacles. At the end, the Rabbit is waiting in the cloud castle.
The game “Where are you Elephant?” enables the children to play together with others and to search the Elephant in real life. For that purpose the tablet PC or smartphone can be hidden in the apartment or even in the garden. It´s great gaming fun not only with friends, but with the whole family as well!
A treasure chest is hidden in the digital sandbox! The chest is buried under several sand layers, which can be rubbed away with the player´s fingers. It offers new und funny surprises over and over again. Our extra hint: You can search with two players as well – who will find the treasure first?
For parents:
Do you want to keep an eye on the gaming time of our child? No problem - with the help of the Elephant Alarm Clock you can set the individual online time.

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