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Figure Skater Salon: Spa, Makeup and Dress Up - Full Version

Издатель: Peachy Games LLC
Оценка: Нет оценки
Цена: 1.99 USD

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Описание приложения

Will you join in on the excitement of preparing a champion figure skater for the international competition?
Beth and her friends, Angela and Mary, are world class figure skaters and they need to get ready for the world championship!
Now you, too, can be a part of the world of beauty and sport, by choosing which cosmetics and costumes you wish to use to make your figure skater ready for competition.
Features of this game:
• Fully unlocked version and no advertisements!
• 3 girls from various parts of the world that are known to excel in this popular sport
• You’ll give her a makeover in three sections: spa, makeup and dress up
• Many glittery dresses, ice skates and accessories to choose from
• You can even customize her male partner in the dressing room
How to play this game:
Choose your favorite figure skater. You’ll start off in the spa where the creative fun begins. You can clean her face with cleanser and exfoliator, trim her eyebrows, use the face humidifier, and then apply lotion, powder, eye strips and even strawberries!
Next is the makeup room where you’ll choose exactly the styles, colors, and makeups that will make the girl look her best. Don’t forget to select earrings, a necklace, and a head piece such as tiara or barrette, for the most stylish look!
By now you’ve made the ice skater extraordinarily beautiful. She is almost ready for the TV cameras, bright lights, and adoring crowd. But you still have several more steps that must be completed before she is ready to hit the ice!
The final part of the makeover is the dressing room. Here you’ll choose the skater's sparkling dress, skates, stylish arm cuff, tights, and glistening bracelet. And if she’s competing in the much anticipated pairs competition, you can also choose her male partner for the event! What skin color, hair color, and costume will he have? It’s all up to you! So make them look like the perfect pair, and together they will dazzle the crowd!
Once you’ve made the skaters look the way you want, they’re now ready for international competition. Will they compete in the huge arena or in the beautiful winter forest? You get to decide! Now let us all watch the beautiful athlete who is headed for fame and glory!

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