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Описание приложения

GYMONDO - Your fitness training for home. Short, effective workouts. Simply lose weight and get fit, without torment. Perfect for any fitness level.
- 20 minutes of workouts. Short and highly effective.
- No equipment. No binding. Train when and where you want. All you need is your body.
- Individually adjusted to your fitness level and your goals. Perfect for beginners and advanced.
- Over 250 workout videos that constantly challenge and motivate you.
- Guaranteed success. Let yourself be carried away by more than 100,000 members.
- Pleasure instead of renouncement. Over 1000 flexible, simple recipes and appropriate nutritional plans.
- Designed by professional trainers and sports scientists.
Here we go! Become part of a huge online community that supports each other on the way to the dream figure.
GYMONDO will improve your appearance and your health. The intensity is increased step by step, depending on how fast you are progressing. This gives you the best results, no matter how much time and experience you have. Whether you are up for weight loss, toning, muscle building or relaxation - for every goal you will find your perfect training for your home.
GYMONDO offers you training videos with real fitness trainers that push you and motivate you.
In order to make your development even more effective, we provide you with optimal nutrition plans and recipes tailored to your fitness program. So you can reach your goals faster - lose weight with pleasure! Losing weight was never easier.
How close you have already been to your goal can be seen in your fitness profile. Enter your measurements and you will see all the achievements at a glance in clear graphics.
You can use the free version at any time. For even more choices and personalized training, go ahead and buy the PREMIUM version.
A PREMIUM membership costs according to the pre-determined duration:
12,99€ / month for a 3-month membership
9.99 € / month (-23%) for a 6-month membership
6.99 € / month (-46%) for a 12-month membership
As a GYMONDO PREMIUM member, you have access to more than 400 workouts, over 30 fitness programs, and all nutritional plans. For maximum success. Easy slimming guaranteed.
Download the GYMONDO app now and start today!

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