Time Monkeys - Arcade Shooter

Издатель: Kwalee Ltd
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Описание приложения

Shoot your way across London as TIME TRAVELLING MONKEYS! Use your time powers to build an army of ghost monkeys to destroy banks, laboratories & entire streets!
Wield incredible weapons from rocket launchers to lightning cannons!
Solve puzzles and sneak through levels to face thrilling bosses & fight waves of enemies!
Climb the leaderboards to become the fastest, the strongest and the best!
From the mind that made MICRO MACHINES, Time Monkeys is action-packed fun with an exciting story & hours of unique levels!
Unleash the true power of your Amazon Fire TV with cutting-edge graphics, featuring stunning 3D visuals that capture the chaos of battle!
DESTROY! Lay waste to the streets of London, smashing museums, banks and offices in your quest for revenge!
TRAVEL IN TIME! Death isn’t a barrier - fight alongside your previous self over and over! Build an army of Monkey Time Ghosts!
PUZZLE-TASTIC! Use your Time abilities to solve fiendish puzzles.
SNEAK! Use stealth tactics to break into heavily guarded areas and steal mystical artefacts.
LOCK AND LOAD! Wield a formidable arsenal of weaponry to cause maximum destruction including Lasers, Rocket Launchers, Mini Guns and Lightning Cannons!
DEVIOUS ENEMIES Battle against an ever expanding robot army created by Sim-Ion Industries, a shady multi-national with dubious intentions.
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