911 Emergency Ambulance Rescue 2017 3D Free

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Описание приложения

You don't know How many crazy people there are in the real world until you've worked in a medical field. Keep calm and trust the Ambulance driver, it's a beautiful quote . As an ambulance driver you feel at the end of the day, you're here to help the people and you don't want to be in fear of being attacked. 911 Emergency Ambulance Rescue 2017 gives you the opportunity to drive ambulance and rescue people in all emergency situations like Road accidents,natural disasters,fire burn,road accidents etc. By driving ambulance in 911 emergency ambulance rescue 2017 you will learn importance of ambulance driver and time required to take patient to the hospital. You will know importance of first aid apparatus kit and how you can save patients or wounded people through first aid kit? Drive ambulance fast but safely. Give first aid medication at point of incident and take patients who are in serious condition to hospital in time. Earn reputation of Real Hero The Rescuer after completing each level.
So Install 911 Emergency Ambulance Rescue and learn to drive ambulance and all moralities to become a rescue man.

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