Preschool Basics for Kids

Издатель: Super Magic Mania
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Описание приложения

The application is designed for Android and Fire TV and tablets.
Knowledge is a divine. (Pre School Basic Learning)
Learning is the most important thing in everyone's life. We Learn a lot each day.
For building a strong mind of a person we should focuse on his skills and basic learnings since his childhood.
Education plays a much more important role in our life than we think. The Childrens's education is so important
and concepts must be understood in a good way in order to understand the way of things happening.
The childeren now a day have a lot of work to do they go school then tutions and bla bla.
So we are presenting a better way to world of understanding and learning basic education.
We provide complete and precise video tutorials made especially for young childrens.
1-Alphabets Learning and Writing
2-Numbers Learning and writing
and many more exciting topics for learning basic education using video tutorials.
1- A precise and relevent list of basic topics is avaiable.
2- You can search a topic of your choice.
3- No need to access internet all the time just save video for offline study and transfer to mobile and tablets.
4- Your most recent watched video tutorials are stored in viewing order and you can watch them again latter.
5- High Definition video tutorials for you are available (need strong WIFI or 3G,4G).
A perfect start for your kid. :)

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