Love Story in London - Meet my Boyfriend: Free game for girls to enjoy with romantic adventures!

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Описание приложения

Love Story in London - My Boyfriend is a love date couple crush game for teen boys and girls. As boy and girl’s family was on a holiday trip to London when boy meets with a beautiful girl and they get in love with each other. Boy impress the cute doll girl by singing , piano playing and many other loving activities. This game is about their true love journey. Boy decided to make a proposal for girl and girl has accepted as she was also get in love with him. Play this secret love story crush game, may be anyone on your next trip to Europe or London will involve in true affection and care and you will start liking her/him. This is a easy to play romantic kissing game for girls and boys. While sitting in the garden in London, many boys and girls do not know each other but sometime any fun activities during trip will get the attention and you will start falling in love.
How to Play the Love Story in London - My Boyfriend?
* Girl, her mommy and her brother arrive at airport on departure to London
* Girl beauty makeup, spa and morning breakfast to get ready for airport
* Girl and boy meet in London street and they offer flowers to each other
* Boy with his girlfriend sitting in London in a garden boy romantic date
* Play with your friends and your true lovers
* Easy to play with good quality of graphics
* Share your creations easily by Save in your images gallery
Most exciting and important aspects of falling in love are usually in initial waves of a developing romance, an unexpected , comical or fortuitous meeting. For a true lover is important to take care of the loved one and give priority. Learn lessons from your previous relationships and apply them to future situations. Balance the negative with the positives. Accept the things which happen to you, forgive yourself and move on in new relationship with your new lover. Have a good attitude as most of the girls will be impress due to your good attitude. Engage in things which make you and your lover happy. Communicate openly with your girlfriend or partner and tell her your goals and relationship respect. Be intimate, Being emotionally intimate is big part of a loving relationship.
Be Open to receiving the true love from your love partner. You will experience the all following terms in this love story game for girls …!!!
- Romance & Affair
- Relationship & passion
- Fantasy & fiction
- involvement & mystery
- Flirtation & Fascination
- Attachment & amour
- Melodrama & tear jerker
- Intimacy & tenderness
- Salutations & respect
- Dearest & Darling
- Sweetheart & angel
- Honey & beloved
- Addicted & relish
- Compliments & regards
- Warmth & endearment
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