Block Soldier War Games (free)

Издатель: Game Company B
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Описание приложения

Exciting first person shooting action awaits you! Collect your daily reward and the earned power-up is yours to use until you die. The level starts out with an exciting challenge with the clock counting down your demise or success. Your mission instructions at the start of the map includes the total number of enemies to defeat and the time you have to complete this task. Triumph, and you'll gain a permanent weapon to wield throughout the rest of the game, fail and you may continue but at a distinct disadvantage-- or try again to be the champion! A map overview scopes out oncoming enemies so you can strategize your plan of attack and go for the kill. Watch for enemies to steadily increase in health and attack as you move throughout the levels. Perks and weapons will decrease at the same time, making for a battlefield that only savvy solders will be able to dominate.

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