Antivirus Cleaner For Android BSafe VPN

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Описание приложения

Security First!
Be Safe from viruses and malware with Antivirus Cleaner For Android BSafe VPN!
Get the Best Mobile Protection for Phones and Tablets.
With so many hackers and threats being discovered per day, you must remain protected!
We also provide you free and unlimited Virtual Private Network that will mask your IP address and encrypt your internet traffic. Unblock sites safely and anonymously, with a faster and reliable connection.
So great!
How to use Antivirus Cleaner For Android BSafe VPN?
▶ One click to start any of the features.
▶ During the AV analysis, a deeper scan will be running on the background. Don't waste your time waiting for the results. In the end, we will notify you with the threats list.
So Effective and Simple!
Looking for more, like Web Protection? We also have it! :) Just chose between one of the license packages and enable your Free Trial.
Antivirus Cleaner For Android BSafe VPN Best features:
★ Protection
★ Performance
★ Free version (unlimited time)
★ Pro version: Enable your Free Trial and get Full AV Analysis, URL Checker & No Ads (chose the plan that better suits your needs. All the best security features at a very reasonable cost)
No more harmful virus infections, malware, spyware, suspicious hidden files and trojans, with our daily updates of the virus database!
★ PRO Version: No more ads, and get URL checker and Web protection feature.
Android is one of the most targeted platform by hackers. Keep protected and in full speed - Antivirus Cleaner For Android BSafe VPN offers you a Free unlimited version!
Download it Now, and remember, you'll BSAFE forever!

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