Call Of Army Sniper Duty Frontline FPS

Издатель: Action Trend Games
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Описание приложения

Hello Action and AAA FPS gamers, hold your weapons now.Trend Action Games brings an incredible action game of escape and advanced counter-evil terrorist attack shot in this call of sniper duty frontline shooting hunter game. You must survive difficult shooting missions that is full of critical combat attack and advanced weaponry. Show off your superiority shooting skills, just like the superheroes in this critical fight shooting attack. Your ultimate task is not to let crime lords of criminal gangsters rescue, targeting them as the best hunter and shooter in war territory.You, as a super commando of the World War Army and the front-line commando, must defend your country, show your talent as a shooter and heavy artillery in the combat zone.
This is the time to warn and fight enemies to shoot with a powerful armory on their territory. You have the chance to play and experiment as a warrior hunter to defeat the evil enemies on their spot. Hunt and target to fight the mafia gangster to defend for survival.
These are the best fps action games you have ever encountered. The US sniper team has called for a sniper war against incendiaries. The heroes of the well-trained strike force will not have a bed of roses to walk, the mission of the US Army Special Forces Front-line Special Forces has a crucial ongoing war. Gun strike killer shooters have been appointed to perform firing point shooting training sessions. A sniper call was made.
Be prepared to escape a sniper battle on the battlefield to defeat the deadly enemies. In this exciting 3D sniper fire you have to aim and attack terrorists around the battlefield. This ultimate battle will improve your skills to fight wandering opponents. So, learn to fight and shoot as a super warrior in this great typing game!
You have M4,AK47,HMG and advanced sniper which has high damage, magazine fed, selective-speed light weapon with a collapsible stock. Shoot and kill the enemy in war with him. It is now the standard firearm for most US Army units. The US military is the best in the world, so prove it with your commando skills. Be a difficult soldier who has great strategic skills of modern warfare.
Terrorist, gangster and mafia are loaded with vehicle combat, so defeat your opponent as an elite warrior. Go and jump into the arena to fight hard for the glorious victory. This free sniper firefighting mission offers you to be an incredible warrior in real time short dust war environment.

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