Calculating correctly 2 - Maths for primary school children

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Описание приложения

Brand new: The official app to go with the “Indian booklets” for primary schools by Klett.
* Perfect for practicing how to calculate and for homeworks:
One unit can be worked through in a reasonable time, thus being the perfect homework or additional exercise. Unique: 2 e-mail-addresses per app can be sent the unit reports and scores to. Parents and teachers know very quickly the results and can check the children at once.
* Perfect for differenciation:
Two levels for every exercise: normal and extra-easy. The extra-easy level can be used to prepare the normal task.
* Perfect for motivation:
The children can collect “Anoki’s feathers” for their results. The feathers are for discovering a beautiful jigsaw puzzle. Anoki, the little Indian boy helps the children through their work.
There are up to 8 Task-units per quarter, 29 per school year, each unit on 2 difficulty-levels. The app contains the complete content of arithmetics in year 2:
numbers up to 100
comparing quantities
We are looking forward to you feedback. Please contact our hotline ( when problems occur. If you like the app please rate us!

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